What is happening? Or to be more correct, what has happened?

The two foremost world democracies, Britain and America, have seen election results in 2016 which have totally befuddled and humbled all predictions of professionals and the like. So much so, that even the winners themselves were surprised at the outcomes, because they, like us, believed the experts couldn’t possibly get it that wrong!
How is it possible, that all those pollsters and pundits, all those clever analysts with the immense power of computerised data at their disposal, could have failed so miserably in their estimation of the outcome?
This is like the blowing of a sudden wind at right angles to the set of all our weather vanes. It is a sobering social dynamic. Suddenly all our scientific wisdom is out of sync and of no value.

I call it The Dynamic of the Death Bed:- The sort of phenomenon that operates when things are in the balance.
It is well documented that people do unusual things on their death bed.

Long held beliefs can be overturned in the twinkling of an eye. Strongly held dispositions and arguments can be reversed. In fact death bed confessions carry a weight in law that other declarations do not. Put simply. when somebody is close to death things are very much in the balance. It is easier to tip the scales when carnal things begin to fade and deeper truths come into focus. But who is doing the tipping?

I believe from anecdotes and personal testimony, that people were influenced at the point of decision by the supernatural. It is probably impossible to argue anything else: In both election the losing side had a clear lead in opinion polls on polling day. On the day, the logic of their argument had won the day after a hard fought campaign.
It is a fact that God cannot change your heart when it is established, or to be more correct, God will not change it, because He has given you free will and it is a real gift. But here’s an amazing thing: As long as your heart is not set in stone, God is able to influence you in your decision making! You might even think your mind is made up, but deep down, if you don’t have a peace about it, you will act differently. How can that work? God speaks to your heart, not your mind.
You, like me, may not have liked the election outcome. But you have to admit that something biblical is going on here. The pollsters got it wrong because a small but statistically significant number of people thought they would vote one way, but actually voted the other way when it came down to it! In so doing they changed the course of nations and I predict, of the world’s remaining history.

David Scott-Morgan.  November 2016