Mandy and I went to the Philippines Jan 26 to Feb 11 2016. For the first week, Pastor Ruben & Tess were our hosts in San Jose, Neuva Ecija region. The second week was spent with Pastor Ruben Hornilla, in San Pedro south of Manila.

Snapshot - 110

The Aetas Project
While we were in Neuva Ecija we met up with Juliet (pic left) and Gerry Tiburcio: They had begun a work to help the ‘Aetas’ people, a displaced tribe of mountain folk. Juliet and Gerry purchased a plot of land for them to live on but we learned that education for the children was an ongoing problem. The nearest school was a 2 hour walk away and the long journey time placed severe limitations on the children’s learning time. What was needed was a dormitory where the children could be educated on site.
We pledged our support to raise the necessary funds, and to do it urgently so that hopefully it could be ready for the next school semester beginning in mid-June. Funds began to come in and work started in early May.

The dormitory was completed in August and further work was carried on until October.