The universe is not what it seems to be!
Scientists readily agree there is a mind-boggling paradox at its very core. According to the laws of physics, the universe requires a lot more gravity to keep it together. But in order for it to have more gravity, it needs more mass – that is matter. The disparity between the amount of matter observed to be in the universe, and the amount there should be, is not by any means a trifling amount. The disparity is huge. You would surprised if I told you that current scientific knowledge acknowledges that over 90% of the mass of the universe is missing – Or to put it another way, science cannot explain how the cosmos holds together without having another eight universe-loads of matter within it! Science cannot account for the things being the way they are, and so cosmologists – those who study the cosmos – have postulated (‘invented’ is a better word) a thing called ‘dark matter’. Now this ‘dark matter’ is stuff which our eyes and all our instruments tell us, is not there, but which the laws of physics says, must be there – somewhere. Otherwise, the universe cannot hold together the way it obviously does!
So — 90% of the mass of the universe is missing. Or to put it more correctly, the universe is being held together by something, but science cannot identify what that is. Yet something is clearly holding it together.
Hebrews 1:3 says that ‘He sustains all things by the power of His word.’
Science sees a mystery of how the universe holds together, but the bible says it is the word that does it. Molecules held together by the binding power of the word of God who made it. Without that word, the whole universe would fly apart. Creation is held together by the power in God’s word! You might find that hard to swallow. Okay, think about this:

Let me ask you a question (a question for you personally, you don’t have to share it with anyone else!):
Have you ever looked up into the night sky and just stared at it? Have you ever craned your neck back and looked in wonder, gob-smacked at the sheer magnificence of it all?
Now think about it: – Is there any other creature on our planet that is given to gazing in wonder at the stars the way you do? I don’t mean to just to see them, but to see them and wonder, and marvel? Is there a bird, or a fish or a plant or a dog that you can imagine looking at the starry sky the way you do? Many creatures have eyesight and many creatures are transfixed by beguiling images or visual stimuli, but mankind is the only creature to look up and be transcended beyond himself by the view overhead. Only men and women see it this way. Mankind is the only creature who will spend time simply gazing at the sparkling blanket of playdust that the universe pulls up each night.

● I believe that mankind is the only creature able to look in wonder and awe at the night sky.
● I believe the stars of the night sky were made by God. ((Genesis 1:16)
● I believe that out of all the creatures God made, only ONE is able to appreciate the stars.
● ergo I believe that the stars were made by God for man’s benefit. Not for any other creature.
Just mankind, God’s highest creation.

If I was to try to fathom a reason why God would do such a thing, I would say it is this:
He did it in order to display His majesty, His power, His unchanging dependability, His glory. In other words, I would say that God’s reason is nothing less than to give you the feeling you get when you look at the stars, when you gaze at what God created on the fourth day.
Like a tantalising promise: Do you want to know me? You can. I want to know you so much that I have created this just for you. I have created this to catch you up out of earthly concerns, to expand your horizon beyond yourself. I have created this so you that can ponder on things which outlive you, on things which puzzle you, on things you cannot reach or hold. On things which are, from where you look, unfathomable, everlasting and unchanging. Just like me.

Interactive Light Show
I believe the universe, the starry sky, is quite simply, God’s Interactive Cosmic Light Show.
It is not what is seems. That is why we cannot make sense of the fantastic readings we get from it. Whichever direction we look in, the farther the object we are observing, the greater is its ‘Red Shift’ (the measure of how fast things are receding from us). The universe appears to be expanding in all directions away from where we are looking (ie; from the earth) and the farther it is from us, the faster it is expanding! The universe appears to be flying away from us in all directions. And yet the mass required to keep it from just exploding, is missing! Something is restraining it.
I once wrote a song called ‘Red Shift’ – about the signals coming in and the fact that the Red Shift readings have us all misled and transfixed us on a false construction.
Virtual Universe
I believe it is not what is seems and that it might not be a physical ‘universe’ at all, but a virtual universe, made by God to show his ineffable omniscience.
If that is true, there will be a mantle in space, around the solar system embracing the earth, where the sphere of our physical universe intersects with the expanse beyond – of God’s virtual universe. There will be a ‘realm horizon’ and the rules on our side of it will be different to the rules on the other side. If that is true, we are in a bubble of causality where the rules we observe work reliably but when we try to make sense of what lies beyond the horizon of our realm, we become confounded. If that is so, objects passing between the two realms might cause ripple effects not unlike the distortion seen on the surface of water when an object breaks the surface.

Pioneer anomaly
In this connection, the ‘Pioneer anomaly’ might be solved: Pioneer 10 and 11 plus Galileo and Ulysees are four spacecraft outbound from the solar system which have all been subject to unexpected slowdown, or ‘negative acceleration’ as it is called. It is not understood what agency is causing this effect, but if they are getting near the cusp of this realm and beginning to transit into a realm beyond, then we should observe a difference as they become gradually subject to the rules beyond the ‘realm horizon.’ In fact, these objects would need to be subsumed into the matrix of the realm beyond for us to continue to see them at all. If there is a realm horizon, anything that we are seeing ‘beyond it’ is a picture of reality, not reality itself, and that picture is what God wants us to see.

There is another piece of evidence which supports the idea that the universe is not at all what it seems to be. Jesus, who must be the highest authority on this matter, seeing as He was there at creation, painted an extraordinary picture of what would occur just before He returns to earth. Jesus spoke of the stars falling, of the heavens being shaken in Matthew chapter 24, verse 29:
“Immediately after the distress of those days “‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

What does Jesus mean – ‘the stars will fall from the sky’? How could that be? The stars have been fixed where they are since the dawn of recorded history. For thousands of years, they haven’t changed, moved, or altered in any salient way. Indeed the sky is often called ‘the firmament’ – meaning a fixation, something firm and unmovable. The same account of Jesus prophesying his return is given in Mark chapter 13: Verses 25, with exactly the same wording: ‘the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken’
There is a hint that this might be a process which will last some years because Jesus ends this prophetic teaching at verse 30 with:
I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

If the universe is indeed composed of a physical core surrounded by a virtual render, then this apparently fantastic celestial phenomena becomes something quite different, and almost understandable. Maybe what Jesus was describing was the fact that at the end of the age, the true architecture of the universe will be revealed. It’s just a thought.
But one thing is for sure. However God has done it, whether the way I suggest or whether it’s the ten dimensional way that science is now considering, He has made something truly wonderful in every way. And you don’t have to be a scientist to see that!
The universe is not what it seems to be. It is however, everything it needs to be.