The Jeremiah Tree is the ministry headed by Dave and Mandy Scott-Morgan. Dave, a songwriter and one-time guitarist with the cosmic British band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), became a born again Christian in 1988. Mandy, once a missionary in the Philippines and the Middle East, married Dave in 1997. Their story is a testimony to the audacious and unqualified blessing of the Lord. (Pic of D&M)

The Jeremiah Tree is:

A gathering – a spontaneous gathering of friends at our home during 2010 who mainly went to ‘Church on the Hill’ in south Birmingham which Mandy and I pioneered. The Jeremiah Tree has now morphed into an entity with several branches: a prophetic intercessory group led by one of our house guests, a Monday Tuesday evening live broadcast and a little team that have been and continue to be involved in outreach at home and abroad.

… the title of a song on Dave’s CD ‘Call’
The song is a prophetic vision written in November 1995 and it speaks of ‘Jeremiah’s daughter’ who is swept this way and that by the vicissitudes of life. But in the last verse the story concludes with a last days’ revival!
‘And as she toiled the stony ground she came upon a spring. And water came from everywhere and flooded everything. And Jeremiah’s daughter found at last the song to sing – with a message for the time, with a penny for the blind… for she was always, always, thine.’

The stony ground represents the hard place where the word is sown. But right there in the hardest place comes a gushing of the spirit of life, water. And not just a trickle but a flood. You can ignore a trickle but you can’t ignore a flood. Using the internet to spread the word has great potential in this time.

The Jeremiah Tree: Lyrics

I heard the water talk to me
as if on bended knee
and it spoke about a parable
the Jeremiah Tree
and when the spell was broken
and the glass began to shrink
I looked out over Babylon
and saw the great ships sink
and Jeremiah’s daughter,
she was hanging on the brink
without a penny for the blind
without a message for the time
but she was always thine.

Now the water came from miles away
to bring to me a word
when I believed in Santa Claus
and anything I heard
it spoke about a mystery
a future that had past
I looked out over Babylon
and saw it’s cities smashed
and Jeremiah’s daughter,
standing ready for the task
with a penny for the blind
with a message for the time
yes she was always thine.

Now the Lord was moving in the hills
and valleys far below
and he sent his special one to plant
where nothing else would grow
but hiding in the hedgerows
and sliding in the fields
satan crossed the border
he was hungry for a meal
he snatched away her heart of love
and re-fashioned it in steel
without a penny for the blind
without a message for the time
but she was always thine.

But the days were drawing to a close
and everyone could see
the acorns falling thick beneath
the Jeremiah Tree
and as she toiled the stony ground
she came upon the spring
and water came from everywhere
and flooded everything
and Jeremiah’s daughter
found at last the song to sing
with a penny for the blind
with a message for the time
for she was always, always thine.

… a message for the time
Social media seems to be like the place to share the prophetic. The Jeremiah Tree broadcasts a live reflection each Monday evening on its Youtube channel. These sessions are not all around brand new revelations but rather the treasure of scripture that has been hidden since the dawn of the church age. We are speaking about the fullness of God’s grace, soul prosperity and healing, God’s great intent for goodness displayed in the gospel and a NOW word as it rises up.

… a song to sing
Dave is a songwriter and his secular songs have been used by various Birmingham and international artists over the past 6 decades. After being born again in 1988 he has become a spiritual minstrel, leading worship but writing prophetic songs and social comment. They are available to bring ministry in music and the word of God and are a source of inspiration to the body of Christ.
Also Dave and Mandy have been presenting Dave’s journey to faith through music for the past 20 years. See the Dave and Mandy website if you are interested in learning more about hosting an evangelistic event. (Contact details….)
… a penny for the blind
Mandy first responded to God’s call to mission at 19 years old when she worked with disabled children in a convent at Jerusalem. Next she was a Bible School teacher in the Philippines in 1990 & 91 during the Mount Pinatubo eruption and the earthquake which claimed the life of one of the students she taught. More recently Dave and Mandy went to the Western Highlands of Scotland to minister the goodness of God to a fellowship of believers called The Lighthouse. This is when the on-line Bible Study was birthed.
As well as taking the message, The Jeremiah Tree has been active in supporting various Christian ministries around the world including Philippines, Pakistan, Romania as well as needs at home arising in and around fellowship. (Photos – Israel, Philippines, D&M in concert, in Arisaig)